Our Story

About us: My name is Puttaswamy Kumar and I was born in India. Came to America to pursue MBA but end up with working in Hospitality Industry. Went to Culinary school CIA graduated with honors and traveled all over Europe to gain experience in hospitality industry. Took several years to finish my MBA on international management at Stratford University in Virginia.

Worked in several Restaurants, Hotels, Health care industries as an Executive Chef, Corporate Chef, Corporate Management, and consultant.  

I left corporate life to start my own business pursuing the American dream. Had couple fine dining restaurants in California. Moved to Clearwater Florida and started an Italian cuisine restaurant. As we grow move in to the life to spend quality time with your beautiful kids and wonderful spouse. Now we are here at Anchor Plaza Parkway Tampa (Fountain Square Café) Our café might to tiny, but we have great nutritional food as well as heart and love. Our recipe is filled with care, and love. 

To work Monday to Friday 7.30am till 2.30 to fulfill our duty to our kids make sure their dream come true.

As a Chef all my life worked with great people like Oprah Winfrey, some of Hollywood stars as well as great business men. I've learned and experienced a life of Hospitality.

Diane: She was born in Vietnam at the time of war, survived and move to America to have better life as everyone. She went to San Francisco State to pursue a Nutrition major and graduated with honors. She always assists clients providing healthy nutritional meals, so they can stay healthy and live long. I met her in San Francisco and we are together having wonderful Kids. Our Son Justin and our beautiful Daughter Jocelyn. As a whole family work together and enjoy each other company every moment we have.

Chef Kumar family appreciate your love, affection, loyalty, trust, and support forever.